Hi, Bu

Hi, Bu…

It’s been a while since you left. Let’s say, 30 years?

Today is the day of your “leaving” anniversary. I know we only met for a very short time. But I still can feel your love pouring on me.

I know I can’t ever talk to you again. I know I can’t pour you with all those my “curhats”. I know you can’t ever hug me when I need it. I know you can’t ever wipe my tears when they’re falling on my cheeks. I know we can’t ever laugh together on some silly stories. But I believe, you always see me up there. I know you always love me.

How are you, Bu? Is it cold inside there? Is it dark inside there?

I love you as big as the universe. No. Much bigger than the universe. It’s unlimited. And I miss you much bigger than the universe. But, don’t worry. I can handle it. Though I really wanna have a chance to hug you even it’s just for once in my life time. Forget about my silly hope, Bu.

Love you. Dah.

*sending you Al Fatihah*


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