Once upon a time, when I was very young, my mom and dad were going to visit their aunt. They didn’t take me with them because of my influenza. When they’re gone, I looked up to the sky and found a gnome-shaped cloud. I asked the gnome to take care of my mom and dad on their way.

In hours, my mom and dad got home. They were very wet cause of the heavy rain. After changing her clothes, still shivering, my mom put me in her arms and held me tight.
She told me that she met a gnome-shaped cloud who was being told to take care of her. She said that the gnome saved her. I cried, “no. He didn’t save you. Both of you are very wet!”
But mom said, “we could be in trouble cause of the heavy rain. We’re just wet. Thank you for asking the gnome to take care of us on our way. Nah, look at up to the sky now. Do you see the big-ball-shaped? Feels like want to play outside?”
There, I went outside and play.

Few months after the conversation, my mom passed away.

I saw a big ball shaped cloud three weeks ago before it was raining hard on my way home. It reminds me of our last warm chit chat. Still I want to say that I miss you, Bu. So much…

#ApelPemburuAwan #stocklama – with asdewi, speakercoret, Helvry, Erie, Alvina, Melisa, ijul, Oky, and Tezar

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